Why Shopware

Short time to market

Short time to market

In eCommerce, time is a precious recourse. With Shopware Enterprise, you can stay ahead of the game and bring your shop to the starting line in a shorter amount of time.

Quick training period

Thanks to the intuitive handling, your team will become proficient in very little time. Individual training programs directed by our specialists make leaning all the more enjoyable.

Low costs

When you save time and resources during project implementation, you benefit from lower costs. That creates a significant amount of resources, which you can invest in elsewhere.

Seamless integration

Thanks to the highly flexible architecture and open API, any existing system infrastructure can be seamlessly integrated with Shopware Enterprise.

High investment security

Comprehensive partner network

Shopware has an extensive network of partners spread throughout Europe – this model guarantees that the professional experience you need is always within reach.

24/7 Support

Nobody is closer to the software than our support team – the people who developed Shopware. Accessible around the clock, you also benefit from a private service number for the shortest possible reaction times.


Shopware Enterprise supports the installation of any number of instances – realize complex business models with the confidence that your growth is virtually limitless.

Individual care & attention

With a designated contact person, you are supported throughout the entire project cycle. This level of personal service guarantees the ongoing cooperation that makes for successful online trade.

Driven by innovation

Easy customization

Next to the care, support and experienced partner network on your side, the advanced technology under the hood makes it possible to easily tailor the system to meet your requirements.

State of the art

We incorporate the most modern and advanced technology into our software, providing you with the best tools available today.

Internal research

Through programs such as our Open Device Lab and Hackathons, we investigate and predict both the tools and trends that will be a part of eCommerce in the future.

Community driven

We value input and communicate openly with our extensive Community—feedback is often incorporated into our product.

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