Pricing Engine

Calculate and manage complex pricing models

The demands of complex eCommerce projects often go beyond the scope of fixed pricing structures. When it comes to effectively segmenting target customer groups, offering multiple price points is a must for any scaling business. Pricing Engine – the latest addition to the Enterprise Accelerators – flexibly manages even the most intricate pricing models.

  • Centrally manage your pricing models
  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Extremely powerful with millions of prices
  • Uniform gross prices possible for all lists

You can individually customise your price lists with numerous rules, which can include criteria such as delivery country, customer group, currency, shop, or customer stream. The Pricing Engine enables a seamless connection with your existing ERP or PIM systems and optimises performance through batch processing. This means that several million prices can be synchronised simultaneously.

The full suite of features made available by the Pricing Engine make it a powerful tool for managing complex pricing models in your online shop.

"With Shopware, we have created our own marketplace modelled after Amazon with over 35,000 available products."

Timo Weltner, NETFORMIC/EURONICS  |  See EURONICS Case Study

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