Merchant Integration

Digital sales over a wide distribution network

The Shopware Enterprise Merchant Integration allows you to implement a distribution network in which merchants and suppliers can be connected and integrated into an existing system landscape. So the online shops of an unlimited number of commercial merchants can be connected to and integrated with a master shop by means of Shopware’s middleware technology. You can also make pre-configured shops available for merchants. The Merchant Integration thus automates numerous work processes within large and complex distribution networks and helps you efficiently handle product distribution.

  • Own distribution network through connected merchants
  • Highly scalable system landscape with rental shops
  • Product range control based on individual supplier assignment
  • Considerable time savings owing to a high automation potential

The Merchant Integration allows you to bundle product ranges, distribute them using different filters to specific merchants and finally push them through the respective shop. Merchants benefit from operating their own Shopware shop, where product ranges can be imported using a pre-installed plugin. At the other end, orders can be returned to the master shop or processed by a merchant. The Merchant Integration offers you a high level of automation for several processes where product ranges are grouped using complex filters. If new products match these filters, the ranges are automatically updated and the new products are added. Product ranges assigned to the merchant’s shops can therefore be made available separately or activated automatically in the shop.

"With Shopware, we have created our own marketplace modelled after Amazon with over 35,000 available products."

Timo Weltner, NETFORMIC/EURONICS  |  See EURONICS Case Study

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