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The powerful search for your Enterprise project

The Shopware Enterprise Search extends the existing search functionality of Shopware using a highly configurable content search, which is based on Elasticsearch. This accelerator is already available in the standard scope of the Shopware Enterprise services.

  • Highly scalable search based on Elasticsearch
  • Stable performance with hundreds of thousands of products
  • Accurate search control through campaign functions and configurability
  • Perfect search results using various search metrics

In addition to the standard search functionality, such as stop words, dictionaries, basic form reduction and fuzzy string searches, Enterprise Search offers a comprehensive feature set, which brings a multitude of valuable elements to every eCommerce project. The Enterprise Search is not only limited to the product level, but also searches content from categories, blog contributions and CMS elements from Shopping Worlds. The search results can be influenced by extensive configuration options, and Enterprise Search provides a perfect search experience based on a variety of search metrics, such as cardinal form reduction, N-gram, dictionaries and stop words. Keywords can be synonymous with Shopping Worlds, Product Streams or redirects. Using the campaign function, you can adjust the settings in advance to coincide with a timed schedule. With the powerful boosting rule system, you are able to define comprehensive rules to upgrade products in the search.

"With Shopware, we have created our own marketplace modelled after Amazon with over 35,000 available products."

Timo Weltner, NETFORMIC/EURONICS  |  See EURONICS Case Study

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