Enterprise Marketplace

Digital B2C trade for an affiliated retailer network

Similar to those found in city centres, you can build your own marketplace where online shops are linked to various retailers. Here your shops are able to distribute the products of your connected retailers through one central B2C online shop.

  • Customised marketplace solution with connected suppliers
  • Enhanced brand awareness due to a high degree of customisation
  • Flexible fee control through data provision
  • Constantly updated data due to automatic product updates

Shopware’s middleware technology receives the product data from all connected shops, which is them imported into your marketplace. The connected retailers do not necessarily need a Shopware shop, as product data can also be provided via a CSV file. A real-time update in the central global store’s checkout process ensures that product data, including stock and prices, are always up-to-date and orders from retail items are automatically forwarded to the respective ERP or shop.

"With Shopware, we have created our own marketplace modelled after Amazon with over 35,000 available products."

Timo Weltner, NETFORMIC/EURONICS  |  See EURONICS Case Study

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