With an outstanding range of functionality and connection options at your fingertips, you can realize complex models in the B2B sector and structure a more varied and effective online business. Gone are the days when B2B was boring and dry – with Shopware, the emotional, rich shopping experience from the consumer sector can be easily translated to B2B models.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Merchant registration and activation
  • Individual customer & price groups
  • Individual product clearance for each customer group
  • Separate subshops & customized themes for each customer group
  • Save and send order lists
  • Separate Shops for various product characteristics
"With the help of Shopware, we met the demands of B2B shops without a hitch. The system even effortlessly rose to the challenge of implementing complex functionalities – this gives us plenty of ideas for opportunities in the future."

Carsten Taig, Wertbau

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