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EURONICS - One marketplace, built with Shopware

In March, 2015 the major electronics purchasing group, EURONICS, met a turning point in their online strategy with the launch of their colossal project, Implementation involved EURONICS, Shopware Enterprise Partner, NETFORMIC and shopware AG, whose Enterprise Premium license stood as the technological backbone. Between the project vision and implementation stood the challenge of integrating the components and applications which already playing a crucial role in the EURONICS business structure.

Above everything, EURONICS intended on implementing an entirely novel cross channel concept in order to respond to increasing competition in online shopping. Their goal was to offer local availability and flexible procurement options, making it possible for customers to choose the pickup, shipment and delivery solutions that best complemented their individual needs. In keeping with the local theme, EURONICS also wanted to put the pricing power in the hands of the local dealer. Another important component was to offer free returns in order to reinforce satisfaction and promote stronger relationships between the customers and dealers. In the words of NETFORMIC CEO Timo Weltner, the project resulted in the complexity of “a marketplace of an Amazon model with over 35,000 available products.” 

This is the success story of an exceptional Shopware project, one of which impressively demonstrates the flexibility and performance of the system.




EURONICS is a purchasing cooperative that is represented by over 1,800 independent retailers throughout Germany. Their specialized retailers range from full service dealers to one-man operations and product range covers the breadth of consumer electronics, PC / multimedia, mobile and telecommunication, photography and home appliances. In the fiscal year 2012/13, the 12,000 members employed by EURONICS dealers generated 3.3 billion euros in turnover. This makes EURONICS the second largest market player for their branch in Germany. 

The purchasing group is in no way a freshman to online trade. Prior to the launch of the new store, EURONICS already had a foot in eCommerce and an ambitious vision for the future. After replatforming to Shopware, EURONICS bid farewell to the system they already spent over a year developing. How EURONICS came to set their trust on Shopware, project leader Ulrich Siebel recalls, “We first read about the system in the trade press. This was followed by frequent sightings of reference shops, then after extensive contact with the demo version we were finally convinced.” 


Sophisticated integration

The next step was to establish contact with NETFORMIC, an experienced Shopware Enterprise Partner capable of meetings the advanced project requirements. For NETFORMIC, EURONICS represented their most complex project to date. Of the project, CEO Timo Weltner said, “The principle task was: build a marketplace with Shopware as the basis,” as EURONICS dealers should have the freedom to independently connect with the platform and maintain their own products. To realize this, the platform which EURONICS had previously developed, EOM (“EURONICS Online Manager”, which can be compared to the “Amazon Seller Central”) had to be connected. But of course that was not all: in the first phase, separate subshops had to be created for the initial 200 dealers participating in the launch. 

The concept also required an integration with both the ERP systems of the dealers—“HIW” and “HQS”—and the central SAP system; a connection made possible due to the middleware provided by brickfox. 

“But that didn’t conclude the chain of events,” said Nele Schmidt, project leader from NETFORMIC responsible for the EURONICS realization. “The EURONICS shop is equipped with geolocation so that customers automatically connect with stores that already have their desired products in stock. This geolocation was realized with FACT-Finder.

To bear the performance load of the connected EURONICS dealers and their 35,000 accompanying products, NETFORMIC implemented Varnish as a web accelerator. To enable for even greater capabilities, the team implemented TYPO3 as a CMS.

Aside from connecting several third-party systems, the topic of dealer rights also surfaced as a challenge when realizing the project. “With EURONICS, a situation arises when some dealers do not carry every product in their product range. In other cases, some dealers may carry products in their physical store which they cannot sell online, which means the product would have to be displayed without a price tag. Of course, this had to be clearly defined in the online shop, but this hurdle was met by a very clean solution,” said Nele Schmidt.


Investment in the seven-figure range

In total, the project implementation amounted to roughly 11 months and cost in the low seven-figure range. The results are easy to see. “We are beyond pleased with the new shop and especially want to underline that shopware AG was directly by our side during every phase of implementation. That we were able to so smoothly connect a multitude of systems and also customize Shopware to meet our exact requirements confirms the versatility of the software,” Nele Schmidt emphasized.

Ulrich Siebel is also pleased and is regularly praised for the usability of the new EURONICS shop. “Shopware stood out against the larger enterprise systems in the conceptual phase and had us completely convinced during the realization: the system is modern, flexible, scalable and attractive from every angle. They delivered lean and attentive support without a hit of bureaucracy – that suits us. We look forward to sharing even more success, together with Shopware, in the future.”

From the perspective of the solution provider, shopware AG is equally as satisfied with the project result: “Shopware Enterprise Premium is synonymous with flexibility and versatility. The system is enormously powerful, as proven by the extensive EURONICS project. We are delighted that one of the leading names for consumer electronics in Germany put their trust in our solution. As a modern and flexible software, we are confident we will continue to meet the needs of EURONICS in the future,” said Andre Schultewolter, Manager of Business Development at Shopware.


Key Facts


Purchasing group; 1,800 locations, specialty stores in consumer electronics, PC/multimedia, mobile and telecommunications, photo and home technology. 


Shopware Enterprise Premium

Technical specs

  • Connection with more than 200 subshops
  • Connection with HIW and HQS as ERP systems
  • Connection with brickfox
  • Varnish integration for faster performance
  • Integration of TYPO3 as CMS
  • Connection with EOM (EURONICS Online Manager)

Special feature

  • Own geolocation system (cross channel functionalities for customers, i.e. pickup)


  • NETFORMIC GmbH (Shopware Enterprise Partner), Stuttgart/Berlin

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