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EMKA Schmiertechnik

EMKA SCHMIERTECHNIK GmbH has been a leading specialist for high-performance lubricants since 1988.

Customers like repair shops, car showrooms, and industrial companies and manufacturers appreciate EMKA for their products and exceptional service.

Within the scope of the digital project EMKA 4.0, the company expands its sales structures to include a B2B online shop as an additional distribution channel, relying on Shopware as their partner.

Key Facts

Shopware edition


  • EMKA Schmiertechnik
  • The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of branded lubricants Made in Germany


  • Lubricants


  • B2B
  • Use of an English subshop

Technical features


  • Shopware business partner Mediagraphik GmbH
  • Implementation within 9 months
  • Total cost of EUR 300,000 for the EMKA 4.0 project 

When defining the project requirements, EMKA's top priority was that the solution would be viable now and in the future. The company had relied on an outdated corporate website, which was in need of replacement. The main project objective was therefore to develop a digital strategy that would combine content and commerce and organise processes more efficiently.  

Shopware B2B Suite was the top choice

A newcomer to eCommerce, the company put a number of shop systems through the paces during the project evaluation phase, until the decision was made to go with Shopware.

"The deciding factors were its many benefits, like the one-time license fee, integrated B2B Suite, Shopping Worlds feature, transparent product roadmap and the personal and direct contact to Shopware," summarises Mario Schellenberg, Head of Marketing at EMKA. 

The new B2B online shop offers customers around 6,000 products across 60 categories. The Shopware B2B Suite allows customers to access a great variety of features and functions once they have logged in to their customer account.

A debitor can define individual rights, roles and purchasing budgets for various employees of a company, for which a relevant approval process is triggered, should the individual overstep one of their defined rights.

The B2B Suite furthermore facilitates the creation of custom order lists, which can be resubmitted time and time again. Another option is the Quick Order function via CSV or by selecting the item number and desired product quantity.

A new quote function was created that sends a quote via email to the customer as a PDF attachment straight from the ERP system. The email also includes a link to the shopping cart.

50% less time for order processing

The field sales department at EMKA Schmiertechnik is a key pillar for the company's sales success. The Shopware B2B Suite includes an integrated order management module for field sales as well. Field sales representatives can have various customers assigned to them via the Shopware administration module.

Complex product and pricing information are now available with a single click while the field sales representative is on site at a customer. The system can also handle individual pricing structures for specific customers. In effect, the sales representative can now trigger a sale on the spot during when meeting face-to-face with a customer.

"An order that is triggered during a client-side sales meeting via the online shop is automatically uploaded to the ERP system. As a result, order management will now save at least 50% of the processing time that was required before Shopware," explains Schellenberg.

Challenges due to various system integrations

The entire IT infrastructure at EMKA was reviewed as part of the new digitalisation strategy, and the online shop was integrated into various existing solutions like the ERP system SAGE 100 and the PIM system Omniseller.

"We faced our greatest challenge in our efforts to ensure seamless interaction between the various systems and service providers. In the end, we came up with a presentable, viable solution", reports Mario Schellenberg.

Storytelling for less intuitive products

The assumption that attractive online shops are valuable only in the B2C segment has long since been debunked. Therefore, EMKA also wanted to optimally address and attract B2B customers with the new online shop. That is where the Shopware Shopping Worlds came into play.

"Storytelling is a great tool for visualising and presenting complex topics and products that are not immediately intuitive," Schellenberg praises the Shopware Storytelling functions with conviction.

A Storytelling Shopping World was used to emotionalise the company history as well. EMKA can now also distinguish between customers that are logged in at the shop and those who are not. Interested new customers will find the shop filled with plenty of interesting content. The shop is designed to be a whole lot faster, more efficient and offers intuitive order functions for returning customers. Any customer interested in making a purchase will be guided to their objective – placing an order – as quickly as possible.

EMKA is planning additional steps for the future because of their positive experience

Shopware fulfilled the expectations of EMKA Schmiertechnik across the board. "Their support is second to none, and any feedback we had was generally taken up right away and included in the project roadmap," explains Schellenberg.

Bottom line: the project has allowed EMKA to achieve a better customer approach, an increase in their level of service and overall efficiency due to the much leaner processes. The company is planning an OCI implementation in the future, the integration of a field sales dashboard and a new B2C online shop as an additional sales channel.

EMKA will also intensify its focus on the planned internationalisation for the countries in which their distribution partners operate.


Curious to know more about the Shopware B2B Suite?

With Shopware Enterprise, you can rely on an extremely powerful and highly agile platform to support the growth of your business. The Enterprise platform can be used to reproduce very complex business processes and individual expansions within a standard system solution so that you always remain independent. The B2B Suite provides you with an extensive feature and includes features like rights and roles management, approval processes, budgeting and quick ordering.

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