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Realised with Shopware 6

DINZLER Kaffeerösterei

Key Facts

Shopware Edition

  • DINZLER Kaffeerösterei – based in Irschenberg (Bavaria), Germany
  • Established in 1998


  • Premium Coffee


  • B2C
  • Use of the Shopware Experience Worlds
  • 9 main categories

Technical Features

  • ERP system: Abas
  • Use of Sendinblue as a newsletter marketing tool


  • Shopware enterprise partner dasistweb
  • 6 months implementation 

Improvements by the project

  • Online consulting quality increased
  • SEO features significantly expanded
  • Content Commerce significantly simplified or made possible in the first place
  • Digitization made possible - to achieve an optimized result with the available resources
  • Brand appropriate shopping experience
  • Seamless fusion of CMS and Shopware 6 platform
  • Outdated shop system both in the storefront and backend replaced by the latest Shopware 6 platform

The coffee roasting company from Bavaria

The DINZLER coffee roasting company is known as a manufacturer of its premium products and has made a name for itself in the Alpine region as a top coffee specialist. "Coffee is our passion and our life" - and has been since 1998. From a small business with three employees, a medium-sized company with 200 employees has developed in a very short time. At today's company headquarters in Irschenberg, the highest quality coffee from Upper Bavaria is produced. Here, coffee is made by people for people. For years, the DINZLER coffee roasting company has been purchasing its coffees directly and fairly in the country of origin, thus guaranteeing consistent quality and this is what distinguishes DINZLER's top coffee. Ecologically sustainable, high quality, financially strong - this is the lived regionalism of the producer with the obligation to roast exclusively high-quality coffee specialities.


These were the challenges

After the migration of Oxid, the DINZLER brand was to be presented in a modern and target group-oriented manner in the new shop. A colour guidance system is to help customers find their way through the nine main categories. For this reason - and due to the different needs for product presentation within the product groups - numerous individual PDP layouts were required, which should still be easy and efficient to maintain. For this reason, Shopware 6 was chosen at a very early stage.

Since the GoLive date was already fixed due to an ERP change, dasistweb could not wait for the first official version of Shopware 6 before starting the project.

"Since we had already implemented the world's first online shop based on an early access version of Shopware 6 in October 2019, we were able to accept this challenge with a clear conscience and, in view of the tight schedule, we were able to rely on an early access version of Shopware 6 in the initial phase of this project as well, thus enabling the GoLive date", says dasistweb.

This project became particularly exciting not least because dasistweb connected both the ERP Abas and the newsletter tool Newsletter-Tool SendinBlue to Shopware 6 for the first time.


Project progress

For years dasistweb has been enjoying the coffee of the private roastery from Irschenberg in the office. For this reason alone, it was a great pleasure to have won the pitch for the ecommerce project.

Unlike most of the projects of dasistweb, they did not contribute design and UX at DINZLER, but in this case successfully cooperated with the UX/UI design team of the roasting plant. Thanks to the joint effort of zeplin.io which cooperates with figma.com, dasistweb was able to stay in the regular workflow as far as possible - including the pattern library.

"Thanks to perfectly coordinated processes and short official channels, we have succeeded in ensuring that the project runs smoothly throughout. Basically, we at dasistweb are optimally prepared to bring together and manage the individual "trades" of different service providers during the course of the project, as far as this is desired by the customer", explains dasistweb.

In the case of DINZLER, despite the local proximity (15 km as the crow flies), we only needed a joint kick-off on site to successfully implement the rest of the project remotely.


What was technically implemented?

  • Migration including SEO migration and customer migration with old passwords from old system
  • Reusable experience worlds (page in page, single maintenance, multiple use)
  • Fully automated deployment pipeline from build to unit and automated front-end testing to blue-green deployment
  • Merging of the existing CMS across different infrastructures with new hosting optimized for Shopware 6 Shop
  • Prepared for gradual CMS replacement


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