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0815 Online Handel

Key facts:

To the onlineshop

Shopware Edition


  • 0815 Online Handel GmbH based in Vienna


  • Ecommerce


  • B2B and B2C
  • 2 sales channels in Austria and Germany
  • Two POS shops located in Vienna
  • Over 40,000 products in the shop spread across
  • more than 1,000 categories

Technical features

  • Microsoft Navision integration
  • ongoing pricing changes
  • regular product changes
  • Numerous user-defined fields for products
  • Ecommerce cluster hosting with a failover solution

Benefits of Shopware:

  • Increase in revenue

    20% increase in revenue in Austria, 40% increase in revenue in Germany
  • More conversion

    The conversion rate has increased significantly since the relaunch: by 35% in Austria and 40% in Germany.
  • Short response times

    With a lightweight and fast storefront, 0815 Online Handel offers high performance despite numerous products in the shop.
  • State-of-the-art technology

    Future-proof technology that guarantees unlimited freedom with API connections.
  • Reliable support from the partner network

    Shopware Enterprise Partner XeroGrafiX GmbH realised the replatforming within 15 months.

The Austrian ecommerce market leader 

The owner-managed company “0815 Online Handel GmbH” is known for its top brand products at great prices, comprehensive services and competent personal consultation. The online trader’s range is quite extensive, covering anything from consumer electronics to beauty and health products to food. In addition to their range made up of over 40,000 products, their sophisticated company strategy includes fair prices achieved through high purchasing capacities, a successful collaboration with suppliers, comprehensive customer care as well as regular deals such as the “Weekendknaller” (weekend sensation). This is how the business has made a name for itself in the Austrian market. It’s this commitment that pushed “0815 Online Handel GmbH” to become a market leader in Austria.

Prior to switching to Shopware 6, 0815 Online Handel GmbH’s online shop had been running on an ecommerce solution provided by Sana-Commerce. At some stage, however, this platform could no longer keep up with the company’s needs. That’s when a shop relaunch was considered the best course of action.

“We knew that the Shopware 6 version was a timely ecommerce online shop product and that their support was excellent and helpful. Furthermore, Shopware had lots of experience in dealing with Framework Symfony. That’s why our decision to go with Shopware was a no-brainer.”

Particularities and objectives

One of the project’s particularities was that the online shop needed to be integrated into Microsoft Navision. This was made possible using a connector. In addition, the shop was expanded by additional relations and fields. This way, products could be displayed according to the company’s individual requirements. Also, a special campaign module was implemented. Its purpose is to support a time-controlled activation and deactivation of categories as well as to ensure a display of products, decoupled from the underlying logic.

Other product-related particularities:

  • Products were also expanded to be able to display B merchandise.
  • Via the shopping cart, products can be conveniently assigned added services and accessory items.
  • Products can be added to the shopping cart via a listed set.


The project’s objective was for the online shop to demonstrate high performance with a large number of products, categories, and customer data. An additional objective was to support and apply other services such as Elasticsearch, Redis, and RabbitMQ.

Another request was to ensure complete API support of both the basic system and all in-house developments that exhibit short response times.

Particularly in regards to in-house developments, it was crucial to secure easy and, above all, flexible extensibility. A flexible adjustment for the filtering and search function was requested as well so that individual extensions could be made accordingly.

Increase in revenue and conversion rate

By relaunching their shop using Shopware 6, revenue was increased by 20% in Austria and 40% in Germany.  The conversion rate experienced considerable growth as well: in Austria it increased by 35%, in Germany by 40%. These figures reflect a significantly better customer journey and customer acquisition.


“As this was a new project for all participants and partners, there was no prior knowledge in this area. We, therefore, had to take a few steps back here and there. However, thanks the fantastic support that Shopware provided us with, we were able to remedy lots of issues in no time.”


0815 Online Handel GmbH gave a positive verdict: “Choosing a true ecommerce solution was the right decision. The numerous plugins and their fast implementation (PayPal and Amazon Pay) are especially great benefits.”